Farm Fresh and Custom Cocktails to Wow Your Guests

At 13th Street Cocktails, we are passionate about creating unique and custom cocktails made from fresh ingredients. My cocktails include fresh herbs, vegetables or fruit picked from one of my own farms and the use of fresh, seasonal products is key to my creations. With our drinks you can enjoy that just-squeezed taste from your […]

The Art of a Cocktail and Spoonful Cocktail Party

Although I started out as a chef, I soon realized that my true interest was in the creation of unique beverages. That is the genesis of 13th Street Cocktails. As an experienced mixologist, I create a huge variety of custom cocktails using the freshest ingredients and my cocktail parties have been described as legendary. Take […]

Off Beat Bride Photo Shoot

If you consider yourself an off-beat bride and are looking for inspiration, take a look at this article and photos on a  big top inspired photo shoot. You will be able to see from the photos how vibrant and unique the decor and theme was. Stylish, unusual and completely captivating, this theme offers everything for […]

Not Your Parents’ Cocktail

As a bartender with a passion for creativity, my aim is to revolutionize the cocktail industry. I always focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients to create custom cocktails and can provide a wide range of sumptuous drinks for a vast array of events. All ingredients used are fresh to ensure that those attending the event in […]

From Garden to Glass: Produce Driven Cocktails

Everyone enjoys meals that are created using the freshest of seasonal ingredients. Well, now you can enjoy your cocktails in exactly the same way. The experts in cocktail creation use exactly the same concept as top chefs – the use of fresh garden ingredients to add flavor, color, and uniqueness to every drink. You can […]


13th Street Cocktails

He’s been helping us create original cocktail recipes for the past month, and the other day we finally got a chance to catch up with Aaron Gordon, owner and founder of 13th Street Cocktails, to pick his brain and chat a little bit more about his latest endeavor. And to get the conversation going, we […]



Although guests will take away so much from your wedding day, a strong emphasis is always placed on your wedding menu, including food and drinks. To make sure you and your guests love the drinks you serve, we’re chatting all about the latest trends in wedding cocktails with Aaron of 13th Street Cocktails. We were […]


A Japanese Garden Loft Lunch Ticks All Boxes

The Japanese are masters of taking elements of American culture and reimagining them, often to be even better than they once were. Focusing on the pursuit of perfection by the Japanese has resulted in many improved American cultural artifacts such as denim workwear, preppy style, jazz music, cocktails and even Wonder Bread, which the Japanese […]



We spend a lot of time here at Melting Butter curating the best restaurants, experiences and hotspots around the world. So how would it look if we put our money where our proverbial mouths were? This Sunday we did just that and launched our underground dining series, SOSHARU ソーシャル (the Japanese word for social) with […]