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Cocktail Catering

Quality cocktails start with quality ingredients.

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Who We Are:

We are a unique purveyor of fine beverages. Our process is tailored to each client.
Everything is homemade, from our tonic water and ginger beer to custom cocktails.
We supply exotic hardwood bars, trailer bars and above all, unparalleled experiences.

Meet the Team
Our People

Say hello to Aaron Gordon, Owner & Spirit Guide of 13th Street Cocktails. He and his team of knowledgeable mixologists and sommeliers create unique, artisan cocktails—to be served by highly-trained bartenders over a visually stunning bar set-up.

Drink Better

How to Drink Better

We’ll work side-by-side to coordinate your perfect event.

Together, We Plan

You’ll come to our private cocktail lab to co-create your signature cocktails for your estimated number of guests - who will imbibe, who is a teetotaler, and what exactly will be served.

You Buy the Booze

Due to liquor licensing requirements, we cannot purchase alcohol for your event - but don't worry, we do the rest! We will put together your order and deliver it to your event. All you need to do is call and pay for it.

We Bring the Bar

We operate our one-of-a-kind mobile bar catering service from gorgeous mobile bars on wheels fashioned from old horse trailers and vintage campers. Alternatively, we can serve your guests from a variety stunning mobile interior bar set-ups. No matter what you choose, everything was built with our gin-soaked hands.

...And the Extras

We provide a $2 million liquor liability policy, nonalcoholic beverages, bar decor, menus, ice, and much more. We handcraft our cocktails with house-made bitters, cordials, fresh squeezed juices, and even garnishes grown on our farm. Simply put; this is hands on work.

Enjoy the Happiest of Hours

What to Expect at Your Event

Batched Cocktails

We batch your specialty cocktails prior to your event so all of the precise measuring & mixing (time consuming stuff) are done in advance. This ensures consistency and prevents us from being in the weeds.

Cocktails on Tap

After batching, many of our cocktails are kegged. This prevents oxidation of fresh citrus, temperature control without dilution and the ability to pour a consistent, balanced cocktail in 5 seconds. Gone are the days of never-ending bar lines.

Served by Pros

The most important ingredient in your cocktail is not batched or kegged. HOSPITALITY. This is what we care about most. They might remember how the drinks tasted, but they certainly remember how we made them feel.

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