What We Do

Masters of genuine hospitality. Bearers of good booze.

Simply Put:

We are a marriage of a fancy cocktail bar and your neighborhood haunt.
We are purveyors of unmatched hospitality, who just happen to make a damn fine drink,
a fine drink always served with a smile. But it doesn’t stop there...


We source our oysters from a variety of locations and shuck them at the optimal time to provide the most delectable taste possible.


As bartenders with a passion for creativity, our aim is to revolutionize the cocktail industry. We focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients to create custom cocktails, and we provide a wide range of sumptuous drinks for a vast array of events.


We offer several roasts and blends to caffeinate you and help you power through your day.

Meet Our Mobile Bars

After many years of working in bars and restaurants across the country, our pipe dream of having a bar of our own finally became a reality. Well, sort of. A rusted out horse trailer on our farm was gutted and rebuilt with all salvaged items.Our mobile cocktail bars have a Co2 system for draft cocktails or beers, and give us all of the capabilities of a full service bar.

Vintage Camper Bar

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Original Horse Trailer

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New Horse Trailer

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Oyster Bar

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Interior Bar

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White Bar

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Unparalleled Service,
Stellar Headlines.

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